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This is today's fundraising solution.

Out with the old, in with the new. Skillzys® National Saving Network Cards BLOW out-dated coupon book and local discount card fundraisers out of the water by combining technology and mobile applications with the nation's largest and most powerful discount network. 


Fundraising can be frustrating.

Parents can only ask their kids to hit up family, neighbors, and friends so many times peddling trivial trinkets and colossal calories. Moreover, the amount of effort expended by both organizers and participants in these typical fundraisers usually far outweighs the return. This just doesn't make much sense.

Here at Skillzys® we understand this. That's why we've worked hard to develop arguably the best fundraiser in the market today - one that utilizes TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY and allows your fundraising participants to offer TRUE value to donors, maximizing the overall effectiveness of your fundraising campaign and directly translating into serious dollars for your organization.

In addition, this fundraiser features the option to custom-design the product your participants will be offering, adding professionalism to and enhancing your organization's brand awareness and recognition.  

Ready to Fundraise Right? Then see what we have to offer here.